To-Be Journey Map

Pamela Goh
2 min readJul 1, 2022

The customer experience has been improved in the to-be journey map by using a single application (Telegram) to streamline all news.

Why a Telegram channel?

Telegram is a popular chatting platform that our target audience already uses. This means that it will not be a hassle for those who are interested in reading news about the Kardashians — they will not have to deliberately seek out information, they do not have to download another application and the news will be delivered to them on their phones. This increases the accessibility of news for the average Kardashian fan.

The Telegram channel also allows for a myriad of media to be posted (videos, text, pictures etc.) which would elevate the fan experience as they could click on the type of media that they would resonate with the most. Allowing for comments in the channel would also allow fans who are interested in that particular news article to participate in discussions with fellow fans, while those who aren’t would not get spammed by the discussion.

We will also be able to allow users to engage in discussion with fellow fans while being able to filter news based on what they’re interested in. Summary messages/videos of the day’s news can also be sent out at the end of the day so that those who haven’t been active on the channel can still keep up with the news about the family.

PDF Link for To-Be Journey Map




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